Testimonials - Boston Assemblies


What Parents Are Saying …

I would urge every parent to enroll their child in the social dance program. Having known a lot of these kids from the rink and the ball field, it was great to see them in their formal attire, having fun participating in this very worthwhile experience.
~ Jack Diamond

Dancing classes in Weston are sold out year after year.
~ Rikki Conley

The instructors make the lessons fun and faced-paced. It was exciting to see the remarkable progress of all kinds in just a few lessons.
~ Sarah Worthington

Chaperoning the dance classes was the best theater we’ve seen in ages … everywhere we looked something hilarious was happening. Thank you for the experience!
~ Laurel and Roger Whitehouse

Giving our children training they will use throughout life is the reason we enrolled our son. He had so much fun that he was disappointed when it was over.
~ Joanne Chakalis

I chaperoned the dining etiquette class and found I learned as much or more than my son.
~ Lisa Linton

What Kids Are Saying …

IMG_0460-webNow I tell my parents how to dance!
~ Michael, age 10

I had lots of fun with my friends and the refreshments were great.
~ Caitlin, age 11

I really liked learning new dances.
~ Eric, age 11

My mother bought me a new dress and I was so excited to wear it.
~ Katherine, age 10

I loved the lollipop song so much that I put it on my iPod.
~ Caroline, age 10

I won the Jolly Ranchers twice!
Graham, age 10